• Dr. Sharon Schembri

    Dean of Higher Education

    TAFE Queensland



    Personal Profile Summary

    • Academic leader, experienced researcher and published author

    • Animated and professional international presenter

    • Knowledge and practical expertise extends across the fields of business, marketing, and healthcare

    • Research focus includes impoverished consumers, food consumption, health care services, and brands, brand strategy and brand experience

    • PhD research investigated the question of quality in healthcare from the patient perspective

    • Published in Journal of Consumer Affairs, Journal of Business Research, Psychology & Marketing, Marketing Theory, Journal of Marketing Management, Consumption, Markets & Culture, Arts and the Market, and Journal of Customer Behaviour as well as others

  • Selected publications

    Schembri, S. (2021), "Cultural positioning and strategic resilience: From local icon to the mainstream market," Journal of Resilient Economies, 1, 1, 1-12.

    Schembri, S. and Rampersad-Ammons, J. (2021), “Science identity and Hispanic students in STEM,” Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, 27, 5, 1-24 DOI: 10.1615/JWomenMinorScienEng.2021035960




    Schembri, S. (2020), "Food, poverty and health: The lived experience for SNAP recipients," Journal of Social Marketing, 10, 1, 139-152



    Ulusoy, E. and Schembri, S. (2018), “Subcultural as learning context: Subcultural music consumption as language, channel, and learning journey,” Consumption, Markets, and Culture, 21, 3, 239-254

    Schembri, S. and Tichbon, J. (2017) "Digital consumers as cultural curators: The irony of Vaporwave", Arts and the Market, 7, 2, 191-212.


    Schembri, S. and Ghaddar, S. (2018), "The Affordable Care Act, the Medicaid coverage gap, and Hispanic consumers: A phenomenology of Obamacare," Journal of Consumer Affairs, 52, 1, 138-165

    Schembri, S. and Latimer, L. (2016). Online brand communities: constructing and co-constructing brand culture. Journal of Marketing Management, 1-24.

    Schembri, S. and Boyle, M. (2012), “Visual ethnography:

    Achieving rigorous and authentic interpretations,” Journal of Business Research, 66, 1251-1254.


    Schembri, S. (2009), “Reframing brand experience: The experimental meaning of Harley-Davidson,” Journal of Business Research, 62, 12, 1299-1310.

    Marketing Theory

    Schembri, S. and Sandberg, J. (2011), “The experiential meaning of service quality,” Marketing Theory, 11, 2, 165-186.


    Schembri, S. (2006), “Rationalizing service logic or understanding services as experience?” Marketing Theory, 6, 381-392.


    Schembri, S. and Sandberg, J. (2002), “Service quality and the consumers’ experience: Towards an interpretive approach,” Marketing Theory, 2, 2 189-205.

    Schembri, S. and Kristiansen, S. and Merrilees, B. (2010), “Brand consumption and narrative of the self,” Psychology & Marketing, 27, 6, 623-638.


    Cooper, H., Schembri, S. and Miller, D. (2010), “Brand-self identity narratives in the James Bond Movies,” Psychology & Marketing, 27, 6, 557-567.

    Pride, Ferrell, Schembri, et al. (2020), Marketing Principles (4th edn) Cengage Learning: Melbourne Australia.


    Pride, Ferrell, Schembri, et al. (2017), Marketing Principles (3rd edn) Cengage Learning: Melbourne Australia.


    Pride, Ferrell, Schembri, et al. (2014), Marketing Principles (2nd edn) Cengage Learning: Melbourne Australia.


    Pride, Ferrell, Schembri, et al. (2012), Marketing Principles (1st edn) Cengage Learning: Melbourne Australia.




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    Fisk University

    Nashville, Tenneessee

    Professor and Cal Turner Endowed Chair

    Chair, Department of Business Administration


    SKEMA Business School

    Raleigh campus, North Carolina

    Professor of International Marketing

    Head of MSc International Business







    Cengage Learning


    2009 - Present


    Coauthored with Pride and Ferrell, this Marketing Principles textbook has been published across 1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions, with the 4th edition currently underway and due for release late 2020. Targeted to Asia-Pacific, this book is designed as the ideal alternative to mainstream options.

    Associate Professor

    PhD Program Director

    Vackar College of Business and Entrepreneurship

    Department of Marketing

    Jan 2013 - Aug 2019




    Gold coast campus,
    Queensland Australia

    Lecturer (tenured): equivalent to Assistant Professor

    Griffith Business School

    Department of Marketing

    2003 - 2011







    The University of Queensland

    Brisbane, Queensland Australia

    Phd Candidate

    1999 - 2005


    Experienced academic researcher, published author, and professional speaker

    Qualitative Market Research

    • Phenomenology
    • Phenomenography
    • Ethnography
    • Visual ethnography
    • Hermeneutics
    • Narrative analysis
    • Semiotics

    Business strategy

    • Marketing strategy
    • Branding strategy
    • Product strategy
    • Strategic planning
    • Marketing plans
    • Market analysis
    • Positioning analysis
    • Brand evaluation





    • Marketing principles
    • Consumer behavior
    • Services marketing
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Healthcare Hospitality
    • Business and culture
    • International marketing
    • Brand strategy
    • Marketing strategy
    • Strategy


    • Research methods
    • Marketing management
    • Consumer behavior
    • Services strategy
    • Brand strategy
    • Healthcare marketing
    • International marketing strategy 
    • Marketing and innovation
    • Global marketing

    PhD Management 1999 – 2005


    Thesis title: "Consumer understanding of professional service quality: A study of General Practice medicine"

    This thesis investigates professional service quality from the consumer’s view, specifically in the context of General Practice (GP) medicine. Using a phenomenographic reseach design that included a combination of observation and interviewing, this work addressed the question of how consumer’s experience of GP service quality. The findings identified three qualitatively different ways of understanding professional service quality: i) GP service quality as being told what to do in a caring manner; ii) GP service quality as being given the opportunity to express issues and concerns; iii) GP service quality as engaging with the doctor in a dialogue. Published papers from this research can be found in the critical marketing journal, Marketing Theory.

    BBus (Hons I) Marketing 1998 – 1999


    Thesis title: "Ethical frameworks and the medical service encounter"

    Certificate in Research Higher supervision 2006



    This certification is a qualification designed to ensure recipients are adequately trained to supervise higher degree students such as Masters by Research and PhD students


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